About me

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I have always been creative, making paper mache animals when I was a kid and always colouring in and drawing patterns. 

I graduated in 2001 with a degree in Print Media and Surface Design, which is where I first started silk painting, I bought a kit online and silk painted cushions for my final show. 

I first fell in love with pottery at evening classes, I couldn't get enough of it and decided I needed to do more. In 2007 I approached Aylesford Pottery in Kent, they took me on, on a casual basis, looking after their shop and making stock in exchange for clay and knowledge. Since then I have developed my skills and created my own ranges as you can see. 

Pattern and texture are key to both my ceramic and silk paintings, and nature and architecture are a great inspiration to me.


I now teach pottery at Aylesford and at adult education as well as being mum to two gorgeous kids.