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About me

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I am a multi-disciplined artist focussing on ceramics and silk painting. My styles vary to the medium but both are very much inspired by nature and the beauty found surrounding me and my young family in the Kent countryside. Pattern and texture are key features in my work.


I graduated University in 2001 with a degree in Print Media and Surface Design. Shortly after, I fell in love with the silk painting process as a natural progression from my studies. I have continued to develop this skill in my slightly naive style which appeals to both children and adults.


I became interested in ceramics after joining an evening class and became completely addicted. Since, I have immersed myself in the world of pottery, joining the team at Aylesford Pottery, first as a studio and shop assistant and now as a teacher in my own right. The experience gained there has allowed me to develop my own range of ceramics which has evolved over the years into the ceramics you see now. I specialise in wheel thrown pieces which are cut away to reveal unique fossil designs and small animal sculptures.

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